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Books and booklets





  • Books, reports and articles.
  • Botanical compositions (biodiversity/wildflowers)
  • Photograhic images & designs (also for cards and stationery)
  • Sponsorship opportunities for printing and publishing (Edward has just finished pagination of a new book on plantlife and biodiversity).


  • Writing technical and promotional texts on commission (English/Italian)
  • Translation (and editing) scientific, technical and promotional texts*
  • Journalistic assignments for trade and professional publications (on commission only)
  •  for new books in ornamental horticulture (including gardening, gardens and parks, landscaping)
  • To commission the writing of new books (within sector of botany, biodiversity, horticulture and gardening).
  • Media communications in ornamental horticulture (flyers, leaflets etc.)
  • Consultancy/organization of inward and outward trade and professional missions in ornamental horticulture

*Please note when reading the Blog themes the possibility of translating parts of the text (EN to IT to EN) is possibile for a modest fee for those companies/organization that support or take an active interest in HORTCOM. Please ask for a quotation.


Silicon Solutions’ a holistic review of applying silicon to agricultural, horticultural and floricultural crops by Edward Bent, Sestante Edizioni 2014. English language. ISBN: 978-88-6642-151-1. Paperback 17 x 24cm, 184 pages, cover price €29,00 (discounts are available on quantity). Introduction EN pdf  A digital (Flip-Book) version is now also available at a price of €19,00.  See leaflet for details on purchasing the book and methods of payment. Leaflet May 2015

‘Wild Flowers, La Cultura della Biodiversità’ by Edward Bent, 2012, Sestante Edizioni; ISBN: 978-88-96333-17-4; Formato: Paperback 17 x 24cm; Pagine: 136 più copertina; 17 capitoli più terminologia, bibliografia e indice; Illustrazioni: 89 (86 a colori); Inclusi 5 diagrammi originali; Prezzo di copertina: €19,00. Volantino pdf Chiave di Lettura IT pdf 

Patronage received from: the Lombardy Regional Adminstration (Direzione Generale Sistemi Verdi e Paesaggio), Vedere Introduzione A. Colucci. Legambiente Onlus, WWF-Italia ONG Onlus, FAB (Gruppo Flora Alpina Bergamasca) and CAI (Club Alpino Italiano) di Bergamo. Favourable reviews and comments from: the Botanical Society of Italy; Centro MIRT, Minoprio Foundation; Natural History Museum of Milan; Science School F.Lussana of Bergamo; Director of the Education Program for WWF-Italia ONG Onlus; National Director for the Protected Areas and Biodiversity for Legambiente Onlus. See: Review in Italiano

Edward Bent (c) 2013/2019 HORTCOM










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