We live at a time of many super-specializations that are often not able to make links between different activities and technologies in comprehensive project development and in subsequent commercial application. I  place a selection of technical innovations in a more holistic framework.

I intend to exchange information at a medium level level, aiming at a practical, interrogative approach. I have selected the below listed areas of interest.

Selected fields of interests:

Air-Pots – better root system. The Calidonian Tree Company

Biogas when virtuous – waste not want not. Future Power Srl

Bioactive Silicon – in plant stress dynamics. ISSAG / Hortcom

Biodegradable Vipots   – for sustainable agriculture. Future Power Srl

Communication & Innovation – some questions. Pentagono Editrice

Design work creative design and photography. Paolo Ardiani

New varieties – better informed, quicker to establish. Pentagono Editrice

Retractable Roof Greenhouses – plants need exercise! Cravo Equipment Ltd

Seawater greenhouse technology – water is politics. Seawater Greenhouse

Solar distillationfor drinking and irrigation water. Solwa Srl

Innovation – innserting innovation into business models. InnVenture

Edward Bent ©2012 | HORTCOM



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