(1) IN ITALIAN: “WILD FLOWERS, LA CULTURA DELLA BIODIVERSITA’  Keynote Presentation (Italian) See also: Sestante Edizioni

Front coverTo buy, please contact Sestante Edizioni. Tel: +39 035 4124205, Fax: +39 4124206, Email:, Alternatively the books are on sale at other online bookstores including AMAZON Italy

Scheda: Editore: Sestante Edizioni; ISBN: 978-88-96333-17-4; Formato: Paperback 17 x 24cm; Pagine: 136 più copertina; 17 capitoli più terminologia, bibliografia e indice; Illustrazioni: 89 (86 a colori); Inclusi 5 diagrammi originali; Prezzo di copertina: €19,00. Vedere: Volantino pdf See: Key to Reading EN (pdf)  Chiave di Lettura IT pdf

Patronage was received from: the Lombardy Regional Adminstration (Direzione Generale Sistemi Verdi e Paesaggio), Vedere Introduzione A. Colucci. Legambiente Onlus, WWF-Italia ONG Onlus, FAB (Gruppo Flora Alpina Bergamasca) and CAI (Club Alpino Italiano) di Bergamo.

“We can choose to observe a single plant from a botanical or taxonomical point of view. Or we can also consider the plant in a holistic way, together with all environmental influences to which it is subject, including the surrounding plants in a given plant community or ecosystem. Nature also provokes the coming together of scientific undertanding and artistic appreciation in a deeper understanding and awareness. Where, through observation, the spectator becomes the actor, where a single plant extends to a whole landscape”.

Favourable reviews and comments from: the Botanical Society of Italy; Centro MIRT, Minoprio Foundation; Natural History Museum of Milan; Science School F.Lussana of Bergamo; Director of the Education Program for WWF-Italia ONG Onlus; National Director for the Protected Areas and Biodiversity for Legambiente Onlus. See: Review in Italiano

(2) In English: ‘SILICON SOLUTIONS’. See also: Theme ‘Bioactive Silicon’ and Sestante Edizioni  Brief presentation.

Edward’s new book entitled ‘SILICON SOLUTIONS’ was published August 2014 by Sestante Edizioni, Italy, English language, ISBN: 978-88-6642-151-1. See also the separate theme ‘Bioactive Silicon’ for further information. or


Paperback 17 x 24cm, 184 pages, cover price €29,00 (discounts are available on quantity). INTRODUCTION EN pdf  A digital (Flip-Book) version is now also available at a price of €19,00.  See leaflet for details on purchasing the book and methods of payment. LEAFLET MAY2015

I enjoy writing. I have some good ideas to write a series of four non-fiction books on topics for which I have interest, knowledge, experience. I am looking for editors/book publishers or sponsors to discuss the possibilities of writing and publishing in English. Book proposals and short samples can be supplied for discussion purposes.

The sale of these books could be considered as an integral part of the TOTAL LOOK promotion of Horticultural innovation and biodiversity under under the registered trademark below.  Other products in the Project make excellent promotional gadgets for book sales. Promotional board.

Edward Bent (c) 2012 / HORTCOM

Registered Trademark, WOW








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