The below registered Trademark ‘WOW Walk on the Wild Side’ is designed for ‘Total Marketing’ iniziatives that promotes the Conservation of Biodiversity and Ecological themes, many of which are represented in the HORTCOM blog. See Nartura Project EN and Nartura Project IT

In connection with the botanical compositions, design work and logo, Edward is interested in exclusive commissions to develop a range of new products using botanical art and compositions from the fashion industry through to stationery and houseware.

This LOGO can be made available to organizations, associations and companies under licence from the author.

WOW Trademark2

Botanical Compositions

Art in Nature and Nature in Art is the simple philosophy of Edward seeks to create in his botanical compositions. Edward’s compositions are original because they express the biodiversity and equilibrium achieved by natural communities of plants. The compositions have both an artistic quality and botanical coherence, catching glimpses of different ecosystems and seasons. It is for this reason that Edward chose ‘WOW – Walk on the Wild Side’ as the trademark for the project. References can be found in Edward’s book “Wild Flowers, la Cultura della Biodiversità” in the Italian language. See: Sestante Edizioni   See also the pages in English: Books for SaleKey to Reading pdf.


When the original compositions (50x40cm) are mounted with a passe-partout and framed, the result is a pleasing art form. Edward always ‘fixes’ each composition through photography. Digital reproduction opens up new horizons in the utilization of the art-work in a variety of ways for a range of products including Gift Prints and Puzzles.

                                                      Click on the image Sea of Poppies or Summer Grass for larger image

Quality prints of my botanical compositions. These prints, 29cm x 21.5 cm have an integral passe-partout and make good presents.  The prints are entitled in Italian: ‘Mare di Papaveri’ (Sea of poppies), ‘Boscetto autunnale’ (Autumn grove), ‘Bordura boschiva’ (Woodland border) and ‘Prato estivo’ (Summer grass). A brief botanical description and a line of prose in English accompany the prints.   The prints are available in sets of four.  A further 6 original compositions have been realized.  A  Sales page will follow shortly.

Prato estivoDesigns (look also at Photogallery)

These are some sample designs that derive from digital images of the author’s botanical compositions, some come from natural subjects in collaboration with Paolo Ardiani (Edidea productions).  Please see some example designs in the following series: HotFlowers, PlantFlow, RedFlora and PoppyLand. Click for titles and larger images.

RedFlora, Design 4

The digital images of the botanical compositions are highly suitable for Prints, framed pictures and other products such as Textiles and Ceramic tiles (photoceramics). They are ideal for the production of: Greeting cards, diaries, calendars, Table mats.

37_ PuzzleJigsaw puzzles. Samples jigsaw puzzles can be made on commission. Samples (49.5cm x 34.5cm) have been realized that reflect plant biodiversity and link to the book on biodiversity.  They make good gifts, on their own, or as a gadget together with the book on biodiversity and other products to promote conservation of biodiversity, local tourism etc.

Posters. Eco-Cube(c) and Eco-Wave(c) are high resolution posters that could have a useful educational role. They are taken from the Book ‘Wild Flowers, La Cultura della Biodiversità. 


Greeting cards etc.



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