Edward Bent as the autore, is ready to establish a joint project with the aim of publishing a new book aimed at exploring the meaning and purpose of nature, through the observation of plants to make really evident what we can do to mitigate the effects of climate change and loss of biodiversity, at the same time evaluating the synergic possibilities of his botanical compositions. 

The book and the compositions are almost complete, with a digitalized and printed sample of both the book (layout proof) and the compositions already available. The language chosen for the draft is English to widen the readership and the interest of international societies and organizations as sponsors.   

The actors to be considered in the project would be: publisher, publisher, printer, translator, (Aldo Colombo for Italian), sponsor (Institutes, associations, government departments, commercial companies), marketing and distribution agency. The foreseen starting date would be October 2019.

Edward wishes to collaborate with a commercial entity, interested in creating a joint project with an international scope, for the production, marketing and distribution of this product and derivatives. 

The idea would be to publish the book and the derivatives more as an ‘ordinary’ editorial product, but realized through  a joint project well-studied, structured and achievable, dividing the net profit according to the relative commitments and investment.

First point of contact: Edward Bent, Bergamo, Italy.  Email:

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Best way to describe myself is to kindly ask you the patience to take a good look at: and my companion blog: Thanks in anticipation, Edward
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