Edward Bent wishes to inform his Blog’s readership (www.hortcom.wordpress.com) that is focused on innovation in horticulture, is being changed to www.hortcom.info. The old WordPress Blog will be removed once hortcom.info is fully connected.

There are several novelties, the first is that all Posts can be viewed in English and Italian and are accompanied by an image. The rationale of the Blog is to present innovation in horticulture, mainly of a discontinuous nature, and can be viewed by clicking the home page HortCom at the top of the page. It will be managed by Aldo Colombo with contributions by Edward Bent who founded the Blog in 2012.

In the period through to August 2018, the Blog has been visited by over 32,000 professionals on innovative products, services and trials, around the world. Main themes can be viewed on the menu at the top of the page that contain a valuable source of information and links. This information is in English but translation services to Italian are offered on request. The theme ‘Silicon in Agriculture’ has been particularly appreciated.

HORTCOM.INFO looks forward to engaging with companies, Institutes, other hortictultural professionals and bloggers, for the purposes of spreading information on horticultural innovations to the sector and beyond.

How can Hortcom.info be helpful and productive to our mutual interests? We will both be most grateful if our respective Linkedin colleagues inform their networks of this change. We also ask our friends and colleagues who have a Site or a Blog to put a link to hortcom.info: this will help us improve the site’s ranking in search engines.


About nartura

Best way to describe myself is to kindly ask you the patience to take a good look at: nartura.wordpress.com and my companion blog: hortcom.wordpress.com Thanks in anticipation, Edward
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