HORTCOM by Edward Bent

This is a space for information on selected topics of innovation in horticulture, agriculture and botany. By using a broad approach the aim is to involve professionals, students, operators, technicians and companies in an analysis of the application of new technology. See: Partners for Innovation.  The primary language is English.

This blog has now been combined with a sister blog  NARTURA concerned with the conservation of plant biodiversity and its promotion.

Key words in this blog are: bioactive silicon, biodegradable pots, biodiversity, biogas, books, botanical art, course work, desalination, design, editing, education, horticulture, information, innovation, internet, ornamental horticulture, marketing, nature, new plant varieties, photo-gallery, plant science, production technology, publications, research & development, retractable roof greenhouses, seawater greenhouses, silicic acid, solar distillation, teaching, services, studies, translation, writing.

I have many years of multi-disciplined experience in ornamental horticulture, using the name HORTCOM that represents the wish to bring science and information closer together in a landscape of work, ideas and services. The objective is to look foward from past experience.

HORTCOM – innovation, publishing & services in ornamental horticulture.

NARTURA  – biodiversity – total marketing concept

 “Age is only a number for the records. A man can’t retire his experience, he needs to use it”  from a quote by Bernard Baruch

E-mail: ed2bent@gmail.com

Edward Bent ©2012 | HORTCOM


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