Please note that this blog is in process of reconstruction

HORTCOM by Edward Bent

The HORTCOM Blog, which has existed for several years is being renewed – it is focused on a selection of some of the more significant innovations for improving agricultural and horticultural production and systems that fully respect the environment. The main author Edward Bent will be collaborating with other professionals.

We wish to present ‘why’ these products and systems are innovative and follow their progress, noting difficulties and resistance in various market segments. In this respect, the presence of selected innovation on HORTCOM will be long-term. In any given theme, some similar and competing products and systems may be briefly presented to encapsulate a given theme and to add strength and validity to the supplier of the leading innovation with the possibility of including their logo, banner and link to their media communications.

HORTCOM seeks linkage to other blogs and realities in the agricultural and horticultural industry that express innovation. We want to be at the service of innovation and help manufacturers and suppliers with the distillation and diffusion of information to distributers and end-users.

Finally, in a special section, the Blog will develop a platform to present and sell products and services concerning: media communications, book publishing and sales, consulting, writing, and journalistic assignments. We look forward to work together with a select group of companies that share the above mentioned mission.

This blog has now been combined with a sister blog  NARTURA concerned with the conservation of plant biodiversity and its promotion.

Key words in this blog are: agriculture, agronomy, agricultural education, agricultural extension, air-pots, biodegradable-pots, biodiversity, biogas, biological control, biological production, bio-stimulants, botanical art, botanical gardens, communications, conservation, cut-flowers, cut-foliage, electromagnetic radiation, experimental stations, floriculture, flower markets, grower associations, horticultural information, innovation, logistics, new plant varieties, flower markets, newsletters, news releases, nursery-stock plants, plant stress dynamics, pot plants, trade press, publishing, retractable roof greenhouses, sales & services, seawater greenhouses, silicon, silicic acid, solar distillation, suppliers of fertilizers and bio-stimulants, wildflowers.

HORTCOM – innovation, publishing & services in ornamental horticulture.

NARTURA  – biodiversity – total marketing concept

 “Age is only a number for the records. A man can’t retire his experience, he needs to use it”  from a quote by Bernard Baruch

Edward Bent ©2012/2018 | HORTCOM



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