HORTCOM by Edward Bent

This is a space for information on selected topics of innovation in horticulture, agriculture and botany. By using a broad approach the aim is to involve professionals, students, operators, technicians and companies in an analysis of the application of new technology. See: Partners for Innovation.  The primary language is English.

This blog has now been combined with a sister blog  NARTURA concerned with the conservation of plant biodiversity and its promotion.

Key words in this blog are: africa, bioactive silicon, biodegradable pots, biodiversity, biogas, books, botanical art, business plants, business development, course work, current affairs, desalination, design, editing, education, horticulture, information, innovation, internet, ornamental horticulture, marketing, nature, new plant varieties, photo-gallery, plant science, production technology, publications, research & development, retractable roof greenhouses, seawater greenhouses, silicic acid, solar distillation, teaching, services, studies, translation, writing.

I have many years of multi-disciplined experience in ornamental horticulture, using the name HORTCOM that represents the wish to bring science and information closer together in a landscape of work, ideas and services. The objective is to look foward from past experience.

HORTCOM – innovation, publishing & services in ornamental horticulture.

NARTURA  – biodiversity – total marketing concept

 “Age is only a number for the records. A man can’t retire his experience, he needs to use it”  from a quote by Bernard Baruch

E-mail: ed2bent@gmail.com

Edward Bent ©2012 | HORTCOM



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